FoF Update Again


What my Status Update looks like right now

What my Status Update looks like right now



The FoF (Faith on Facebook) Challenge is about 6 weeks old and I am very encouraged by the emails, texts and facebook messages I continue to receive. 

For those “not in the know,”  the FoF Challenge was given as the last message at each of the Youthmark Mission Venture training events.  Here were the dates/places people received the challenge:

April 3-4: Lake Retreat, 6 churches from Western WA received the challenge.

April 19: Escondido CA, the Emmanuel Faith group received the FoF Challenge.

April 25: Two Colorado Springs groups received it.

April 26: A group from Glenwood Springs was trained and received the challenge.

May 3: The Spring, TX group was challenged by the FoF

May 8-9: The remaining 12 churches from Western WA came to Lake Retreat and were given the FoF Challenge.

Participants are asked to donate their “Status Update” for a week, a month, or until their mission trip this summer.  In the update they are to write something along the lines of “Ask me about my FoF Challenge.”  In turn, Facebook friends do begin to ask about the FoF.  The trained missionary is then able to respond (usually in a private message) by saying something like: “The FoF is a Faith on Facebook Challenge I am taking, the challenge is to find out what my FB friends think of Jesus… so, what do you think of Jesus?  Who do you believe Him to be?”

The goal is to open up spiritual conversation between FB friends!  

It is working!

There is not a day that goes by I don’t receive some sort of FoF related question, comment, report, etc.  

I am proud of the FoF participants!

The neatest thing, I am finding the FoF is giving me more confidence offline too!  I am quicker to engage in spiritual conversation anywhere (as it should be)!

You wanna join the FoF revolution?  Jump on!




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