Finally an Update

The busy season has gotten the best of me; it was tough enough to keep up with this blog, but I have finally begun posting again at the Youthmark “Brian” blog as well.  You can link to that here. 


Over at the other blog...

Over at the other blog...



My hope is to post at least 2x a week over there, while maintaining 3-4 posts a week here.  Content wise, the Youthmark blog is going to focus more on the mission trips and upcoming Youthmark events/products, etc.

My biggest hope/goal for both blogs is that it leads folk to their knees in prayer… okay, and the occasional falling to your knees in laughter on this blog as well!

Thanks for your support!



2 thoughts on “Finally an Update

  1. as a former regular at LR that is a great picture to see. I spent many hours in that chapel and it’s great to see it put to a use such as this

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