Youthmark, the last 5 months in pictures…

Here is a little picture timeline of the last 5 months in the life of Youthmark.

Each of these pictures calls for 1000 words, but I choose to just show the pictures instead!

What a blessing it has been to speak in a variety of places, meet scores of rural pastors, eat many a club sandwich and spend valuable time with students and adults training for a 2009 YMV!



3 thoughts on “Youthmark, the last 5 months in pictures…

  1. This is SO-OO-OO exciting, Brian! May God go before you, with you and after you to accomplish His will in each location.

  2. God is good, and I will be praying for His name and purposes to be glorified through all that you do. May many come to KNOW Him.

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