Faith on Facebook Update

It has been so fun to follow the first wave of the “FoF Challenge.”  On April 4 we concluded our first Spring Retreat (training 95 students) for the Youthmark Mission Ventures.  What the students didn’t know was that most of the training has little to do with going on a mission trip, rather being on mission at all times!

I did a practical challenge to end the retreat.  The FoF Challenge is for students to donate their status update for the purpose of beginning spiritual conversations with their Facebook friends.  By simply writing “Ask me about my FoF” in their status bar the Facebook missionary will receive responders who do, in fact, ask about the FoF.  

I have been able to follow many conversations (posted on “walls”), this is fun to see the boldness.  I have chosen to privately message the people who ask me about my FoF.  This way I can continue to have people ask me about my FoF (if I post it on my wall, it will essentially get rid of the intrigue).  There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way, it is just the way I choose.

Currently I have had several ask me about my FoF and specifically have been able to share the Gospel in three different messaging conversations!

Praise the Lord!  Pray for the students in Escondido, CA;  Colorado Springs; Spring, Texas and the remaining students in WA who will be trained and given the FoF challenge!



One thought on “Faith on Facebook Update

  1. Hey, it’s the southern gal who was fixing to get fed up with the stereotypes.~ 😉
    Ha! Only kidding.
    But I can’t wait to go on the trip this summer!! 😀

    Since I’ve started the FoF Challenge (about 2 days ago), I’ve had 5 friends tell me what they think of Jesus. He’s their Saviour, their Best Friend, their Everything.~ I love finding a deeper side to my friends by means of Jesus’ wonderful grace! Thanks for the ieda of this challenge.
    Catch ya on the flip side, bro!!


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