A First

WARNING: For those with weak stomachs, read with caution.

Last night I was scheduled to speak at Tabernacle Baptist Church of Shoreline.  With my in-laws in town we met for an early dinner at Famous Dave’s down by Southcenter.  I knew something was up when I didn’t want to eat (I like the food there a lot).  I even mentioned to Elisabeth, “hope I’m not fighting something off.”

On my way driving north I began feeling worse.  When Hayden, the youth pastor, asked if I wanted to play the games (which I normally would) I declined saying, “nah, I’d rather observe” (knowing that I’d not make it through the games without making up a new game entitled “Toss Your Cookies”).

So, then we moved upstairs for some singing and the the message.  I informed Hayden that at any point I may need to step out and find a restroom.  Well, I made it all the way through worship and even made it through my message, though when I normally would close in prayer, I asked Hayden to do so instead.  

I even made the 45 minute drive home (only twice thinking that I would need to pull over to make a roadside deposit). 

Immediately upon my arrival at home and another several times during the night I relived myself of the food poisoning.

Throwing up stinks (literally), but I’m feeling better today.  


I obviously couldn’t come up with anything better to tell you than a throw-up story, sorry!  




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