Three of My Favorite Things (in one day)

This last weekend I was able to do three wonderful things!

First I was able to have lunch with the Murrell family in Pine Valley, CA.

Second I was able to have a slice of Apple Pie at the Julian Pie Co. with Pastor Rick Hill in Julian, CA.

And last, I was able to have dinner with my best friend (outside of Jesus and my wife of course) in Escondido, CA.

Pretty sweet day if you ask me.

I was down in the San Diego area over the weekend to train the students of Emmanuel Faith.  Since my flight got in on Saturday morning and the training wasn’t until Sunday morning (and all day on Sunday), I decided to take a quick road trip from SD to PV to Julian to Escondio (all of these drives were less than an hour).  

I had such a great time catching up with Pastor Joe, Jenny, Joshua and Caleb.  I wish we would have had more time to share stories and catch-up.  Pray for the church in Pine Valley, some great things are happening.  By the way, both Pine Valley and Julian were towns I have been to previously on one of these mission trips.  

In Julian, Pastor Rick gave me his new book But YOU, When You Pray.  This is a first for him and I’m excited he has been published!  We had a fantastic time hanging out for nearly two hours!  Again, pray for the church in Julian!

When I arrived in Escondido, I was treated to some great home-cooking from Jerusha Clark (Jeramy’s wife).  We were able to hang out on both Saturday night and a little on Sunday night before I flew out on Monday morning!  I wish I had more time with the Clarks as well.

The training on Sunday was very successful.  I thought the students responded so well.  This is a team which will be heading into the Gulf Coast.  They are doing something unique, the first part of their two week mission will be done in the inner city of New Orleans (working with Urban Impact).  Then, after that experience, they will head to a Rural community to do the Youthmark Mission Venture!  I can’t wait to hear the reports!  If their training is ANY indication of what their mission is going to look like, we should hear some great things!

The students responded really well to both the FoF and the call for awareness for Charity:Water!  God is using these things to bring others to Himself!  Praise God!

Now, off to do more of my favorite things!



2 thoughts on “Three of My Favorite Things (in one day)

  1. I am totally jealous of the pie you got to eat. And your time with Pastor Rick. I’m glad you had a great time with the…I want to come next time.

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