On The Road Again

I just returned from a brief scouting trip to Idaho.  Though our last trip was intended to be a Montana and Idaho scout trip the specific needs of some of our sending towns could not be met by the places we looked at in northern Idaho.  So, I booked a flight to Boise and took a two day whirlwind tour. I started on Tuesday by heading north to the Garden Valley area. From Crouch to Cascade, through McCall, north to Riggins, south to Council and Cambridge I returned to Boise in time on Wednesday to have dinner with my friend Cory and his family.  

The trip, once again, was a great blessing.  Though all the churches need to confirm with boards it looks like we have our last three Idaho towns booked.  Very exciting!

Now, I’m home for a good stretch and look forward to good times with my family (and extended family coming to town).  Of course, I will catch and M’s game or two in their opening home stand!

You can pray for a few upcoming speaking opportunities I have and a meeting with a church to talk about doing some consulting!  Appreciate your faithful prayers!



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