Either Or

Are you a morning person or a night person?  I am both.

Are you a Coke person or Pepsi person?  I like both.

Are you a “share with words” or “share with my life” type of witness person?  I am both.

Are you an “I hate Monday” or “I like Monday” person?  I am both.

Most of the time I am an “I like Monday” guy.  Granted, there are weeks I don’t look forward to, but this is one of those weeks I am pretty excited about.  I have a few administrative things I need to get done this week, but nothing over the top.  The financial side of things is a little stressful (I’m still figuring out all this stuff), but learning is fun.

One of the highlights of the week is going to the Home Opener of the M’s.  I love Safeco Field and we have been so spoiled by Elisabeth’s folks, each year they get us seats to opening day.  It’s fun, this year they are joining us for the game (they do about 50% of the time).  We look forward to the extended time with them this week!

I am also looking forward to being back with the Burien network on Wednesday.  My spring has been so sporadic with Wednesdays, it is such a blessing to be with these men.  A few of them are going through some really tough things right now and being able to sit with them and pray with them is a boost to all of us!  

Also on Wednesday I am meeting with another Youth Pastor, and then speaking at a north Seattle youth group.  Fun times!

Oh, one other thing I am very excited about: THE GOSPEL!  How can you not be excited about the Greatest News Ever?  He is Risen Indeed.  I get the opportunity to once again share the great news tonight at Young Life through the relationships I am building with students and then follow up with three different FoF conversations I have going on my facebook (read the posts from last week if you don’t know about FoF).

So, whether or not you’re a Monday person, morning or night, coke or pepsi; I hope you’re a witness person!  We need to share with our life, but we also need to share with our words!  Praise be to the one who paid it all so we may live (and share)!



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