Everyday Evangelism NOW

On Monday I decided to boldly wear my brand new Youthmark sweatshirt!  We launched our apparel line at the first Spring Retreat.  So, back to the sweatshirt… One of our shirts is bright yellow with “SENDME” embroidered  as a logo (it’s quite sharp if I don’t say so myself).

Like FoF (Faith on Facebook), this shirt caused people to question me.  I wore this shirt to my three office places on Monday (Burien Starbucks, Panther Lake Starbucks and Fairwood Starbucks), in all three places (and at Bank of America) I was able to share about Jesus because of the shirt.  Each place I was asked, “What is Send Me?”  Very cool!  In each of these conversations I was able to share about our mission trips, the call of Isaiah and the call on my life to be a witness for Jesus.

So, the cool thing about this shirt (and the other apparel), it gives us (Youthmark and the Aabys) our practical way to give to Charity Water (which I posted about yesterday).  All of the proceeds we get from these shirts we are giving directly to Charity Water and 300 Voices (the specific partner of Charity Water that Elisabeth is involved with).

Would you like the opportunity to support drilling wells in Africa and everyday evangelism in your Jerusalem (by simply wearing a shirt)?  Shoot me an email (brian@youthmark.com) and we’ll get you a shirt.

T-Shirts ($12) are navy blue with a Youthmark Mission Ventures logo.

Screened Hooded Sweatshirts ($25) are navy blue with the same logo as above.

Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirts ($30) are Gold with a black/white SENDME 2009 logo in a diamond on the front.

If you’re in the Seattle area we can arrange for a pick-up/drop off (as to not have to ship), but if you’re outside the area and want one let me know and we’ll figure out the shipping.

Let’s spread the great news of Jesus to all people!  Let’s be Jesus in the flesh by drilling for water in Africa!




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