All Nighter To Montana

A week ago Monday I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with my YoungLife students at Kentridge… My Montant Lead, Jess was able to hang out with us at club.  He and I then traversed to the traditional DQ after-party (great contact work done over some cool treats).  It was here that Katie, another YL leader (and Sbux barista), volunteered to get us a Java-To-Go box from Sbux.

We needed it!  At 10:00 PM, Jess and I jumped into my 4Runner and began the trek to Drummond, MT.  Jess (bless him) stayed up for most of the night keeping me company.  We had great discussions; he eventually nodded off for the last 2.5 hours.  It was in the last 2.5 hours I could have used him the most.  The snow was falling, the road was a solid sheet of ice and the coffee was now cold–oh, and I hadn’t slept for nearly 24 hours.

We arrived in Drummond at 6:30 (Mountain time) and we were able to rest for an hour or so before our breakfast meeting.  I wasn’t able to sleep, but at least the eyes being shut helped.

Tuesday was a day of creating contacts.  We were able to meet with the head of the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission (an affiliation of Churches serving in rural communities in MT and ID).  He (Dave) gave us plenty of contacts (though many were very spread out).  Jess and I began our tour with three appointment we quickly lined up for that day in Phillipsburg, Anaconda, and Potomac.  These towns were all many miles apart and through the mountains, so that was about all we could do on this first day (especially on little/no sleep).  

I met another Aaby… only this Pastor spelled his name incorrectly (Abbey).  Great family in Phillipsburg, it may/may not be a connection for this year, the town has another group coming in from the Spokane area to lead VBS.  Then to Deer Lodge/Anaconda where we met the most unique guy of our trip (Pastor Bill).  Once again, this town has a group from Federal Way already coming (through Tom Horton and RCYM, so this was a big blessing to hear that).

We made a few calls along the way to and from these locations to try to line up other appointments on our way back toward Missoula (only got answering machines and/or no answers).  When we arrived back to Missoula we lined up a hotel (with a hot tub of course).  Our dinner was set with another pastor for the early evening, but we were able to grab a quick nap before dinner (which made me feel worse, as it was only 45 minutes).

Dinner was a great burger at Fuddruckers (one of the best burgers I’ve ever had).  We made a great contact with the Pastor from Potomac (though the town may be too small).  It was at Fuddruckers where I had the KEY idea of the trip…

To be continued.




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  1. Hey Brian! I just made a wordpress blog because I got a laptop, but I have NO idea how it works. tips? advice? how do I keep up with you and rickys blogs?

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