Speaking of All Nighters…

Okay, so I haven’t had the craziness of an all-night drive, but I had certainly underestimated how crazy this week was going to be.  Speaking engagements at Young Life, Rainier Christian High School Chapel and the NW Ministry Conference on top of the blitz of getting everything done for the first of two Spring Retreats for Youthmark (April 3-4).  Sleep is a precious commodity, I want some more.

It has been such a wild week that this morning, sitting at a Rendmond Starbucks, I think of my blog for the first time in 3 days.  Hadn’t even thought about it, let alone think about a post.

I should be able to update the rest of my Montana trip in the next day or two… I know, you’ve been on edge every since Tuesday (ha)!

Pray for Halle, she has missed the last few days of school with a fever and was up a few times during the night with a really bad earache.  Pray for good connections at the conference and pray for for my messages to flow together for the training times at the retreat next weekend.  



One thought on “Speaking of All Nighters…

  1. I pray that out of the goodness of His love for saint and sinner He will wash over you with peace and joy and the commensurate knowledge of your weaknesses; that He will imbue you with power from on High to grasp how high and wide and deep is His never changing love for you; that he will be gracious to you and use not only your strengths but your frailty to deliver His message this weekend and through your writing tasks. I thank my God every time I remember you and I always pray with joy for the partnership you and I have in the gospel.

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