Prayers Appreciated

I have a few teaching times on the horizon, I’d really appreciate you praying for these talks.

Monday (3.23):  Speaking at KR YoungLife.  We are going to once again talk about the cross, but emphasize more the resurrection and opportunity we have to have relationship with Christ.

Wednesday (3.25): Speaking at Rainier Christian High School Chapel.  Really looking forward to taking on the subject, “How can we be witnesses to the lost when we are Christian school students?”  

Saturday (3.28): Speaking at the NW Ministry Conference at Overlake.  I’ll be doing a session entitled, “Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.”  I’ll try to convey the much needed, but often neglected areas of student ministry.

I am speaking several times for the Youthmark Audiences in April in May for the spring retreats and one-day training for each of the groups going on the missions.  These talks are also being formed this week!  

Truly I appreciate you lifting up these talks to the Lord.  I am excited to present His Word!

I’ll get you more of the Montana/Idaho report Monday!



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