Sleep Deprived and Thankful

As I have shared here before, I am leading YoungLife at Kentridge High School. It has been a blessing. I love interacting with these students who are seeking truth (whether they know it or not).  On Monday night I had the opportunity to share the story of the Cross.  It is such a blessing to share the Good News!  I don’t ever want to take for granted the privilege it is to share the Gospel.  

So, with that in mind, I didn’t schedule my Montana and Idaho scout trip to start until after I was done sharing on Monday night.  My Montana Lead, Jess, and I loaded up the 4Runner and we took off for an all night drive.  Fortunately, Jess was awake enough that he did not need to sleep until about 4:00 AM.  I drove the entire way from Seattle to Drummond (about an hour east of Missoula).  The last two hours were in a solid sheet of ice on I-90.  Praise the Lord for keeping us safe on the road. 

Over a few of my next posts I’ll bring you up to speed on blessings of this scout trip. But first I want to speak simply about the relationship I have with my three leads and what it has been like taking these scout trips.  These men are a total blessing to me and I am so thankful I have had an extended time with each of them on these scout trips.

It’s been so great to see the strengths of Jess, Aaron and Nathan on these trips.  Each has been so different, though each has a couple key things in common.  

Similarities: They all have a great sense of humor.  When spending hours on the road, you need to be able to laugh.  Believe me, we all laughed!  Jess, Aaron and Nathan all have a passion to see their own students thrive in their relationships with Jesus.  This has been the thing that has made the scouts so easy–they don’t have to speak on behalf of Youthmark–they can speak on their own behalf and why they want to come and serve with their students.   Last, each of these guys have  unending love for their families and our Lord.  Being on a trip with guys who love the Lord and have their priorities straight has encouraged my own passionate pursuit in wonderful ways.

Differences: It was so great to discover the different strengths each of these guys bring to Youthmark.  Nathan is the only one (besides me) who has done a Rural mission trip.  He has been able to bring his past experiences to the table as we shared with Pastors.  Aaron was the first to really bless me by listening to him talk (make phone calls) to other pastors (as we tried to line up appointments).  Hearing him say, “this is Aaron and I’m with Youthmark…” was such a blessing.This really made the “team” a reality to me.  With Aaron and Jess I found myself letting go of so much more and trusting these guys in representing the ministry.  As I’ll share later, we had so much territory to cover in MT and ID that I actually rented a second vehicle and sent Jess off in a different direction so we could cover more space in less time.  This was a wonderful blessing to trust another with the ministry.  I am thankful that God has equipped Jess with an ability to speak with passion about his ministry while accurately communicating what Youthmark is doing to team with the local church.

These guys are a blessing to me!  Please lift these guys and their families up in prayer!

Back with more MT/ID soon!



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