Last Minute Connections

I am moving into what I would call “the busy season” of ministry.  Though I have felt “busy” in the past, this season is sort of the convergence zone of all things Youthmark.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers as each of the following is being done:

Final Sales: I still have the last few teams inquiring about last minute sign-ups.  Since it is my first season of missions and because a couple of the regions are not full I really want to see as many teams go out this summer and am willing to let the teams still sign up (though training will need to be done a little more quickly).

Scouting: Gulf Coast and Hawaii have been scouted.  I have trips to NorCal, ID and MT which are taking place this month (March).  Pray that our connections for these 15+ places are true kindred-spirit places.  I love meeting these pastors in rural America!

Training:  My spring retreats (April 3-4; May 8-9) are quickly approaching. On top of that, my out of state teams receive a one day training from Youthmark (so this means a little additional travel).  

2010: It is time for me to start writing the materials for 2010 so that not only do I have training materials done on time, but the promotional materials as well.  I really want to retain clients and see us at the place where we can expand the ministry as well.

Extras: There are many other “little things” which need to be prioritized as well.  Fitting some of the smaller tasks into the schedule seems tough when there are so many big-items to do.  

Really appreciate your prayers for Youthmark.  If you haven’t already, go check out the blogs for individual churches who are joining the YMV’s here:



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