Young Lives

It was a thrill to be back at Young Life Club for Kentridge tonight.  Last week I was up at Birch Bay speaking at a retreat for a denominational Pastors/Wives retreat. So, I missed club last week.  Rob (the area director) and I have been team teaching a series through the spring.  Rob shares a  couple minutes of his story and I follow with a portion of the Gospel.

Tonight Rob took them to the point where he was truly questioning if he could have a relationship with God.

I shared a quick (and sadly true) story of a young man who found a $10o bill at the bottom of the out-house.  And went fishing for it.  Though this young man had everything he could ever want on this youth trip, he wanted more and was willing to dig through and into the ick to get that $100. 

That $100 may not be what you and I are reaching for, but we are reaching.  We reach for acceptance, popularity, that next high.  We all reach for the fruit, don’t we?  Romans 3:10 says, “there is no one righteous, not even one.”

So, tonight, pray for these young lives that heard the message of sin.  The fact that we have all reached for what we thought was better.  We invite these students to come back to hear the rest of the message.  We let them know there is hope.  There is a better life that we can all have in Christ.  

I’m thankful for these 60-70 who have faithfully come and listened.  Pray the Holy Spirit is working in and through each one!



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