36,000 Foot Blog Post


I once had a blog post entitled, “35,000 foot blog post.”  Well, the pilot was just on the PA on my flight from San Francisco to Seattle and said, “we’ve now reached our cruising altitude of 36,000 feet;” thus, I now can post a 36,000 foot post.  

I am returning from a three day scouting adventure with my friend, Aaron.  Aaron is the Youth Pastor at Faith Baptist in Kent images-1and is serving as my Lead for the NorCal mission.  This two night excursion can be described as a 100% success.  We came down, again, with no leads, early Tuesday morning.  Upon arrival in San Fran. we jumped into our rental mini-van for the 4 hour drive to Redding.  Our priorities were set, we knew we had to quickly do some research for the five rural communities we plan to serve this summer, but first, the larger priority: In-N-Out Burger.  



Side Note:  Aaron has always been a Double Double guy, which, in my opinion, is a mistake. I turned him on to the real way to do In-N-Out.  Two singles beats a Double Double.  You simply get more and get to enjoy eating the same two patties but you also get double the onion, double the tomato, double the bun, etc.  Aaron is converted.

Back to the scout.  I was quite impressed with the way Aaron jumped into the scouting mindset.  We were looking up towns on the internet, followed by specific churches in these rural towns and then we began the cold calls (Aaron listened to me do one, and then quickly made several of the next calls).  We typically would receive voicemail greetings or answering machine messages.  

After several calls, some we research and a drink at Starbucks (we wanted to pay rent for our temporary office) we received the call from Lakehead, CA.  Pastor Jim is a man i have worked with in the past.  Lakehead sits about 20 miles north of Redding and serves as one of the houseboat launching areas for Lake Shasta.  I had sent a team of students to Lakehead back in 2001.  Jim agreed to meet us at his church and we jumped on I-5 north from Redding.

We had a great meeting with Jim (he made a nice fire in the wood stove in the fellowship hall).  We shared memories of the 2001 mission and dreamed about what it could look like this summer once again.  After praying and touring the area we left feeling confident we were one-for-one on our scouting endeavor.  It was now time to check in to our hotel in Redding and gear up for dinner, the hotel hot tub and 24 (neither of us had watched Monday nights episodes).

Along the way to and from Lakehead we received a couple calls with appointments set up for Wednesday.

Dinner: Great (Chevy’s)

Hot Tub: Aaron dropped his leg in about up to his knee and quickly discovered the hotel hot tub was a hotel iced-tub.  We reported the problem to the front desk, Peter (the employee and our new friend) assured us it’d be fixed for tomorrow night.

images-224: Wow!

A great first day of scouting NorCal.  The NorCal report will continue…



2 thoughts on “36,000 Foot Blog Post

  1. i would posit that 2 double double’s are too much. they make you feel sick then you aren’t nearly up to par as you scout out towns and talk to people. Good call sticking with the 2 singles

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