Aloha! Scout #1 A Success!

Aloha from Kauai.  As some of you read this I will be stepping off an overnight flight from Lihue, Kauai in the beautiful state of Hawaii. I return to Seattle early Friday after I have been on Kauai since late Monday night doing my first scout trip for the Youthmark Mission Ventures.  I will post some more about this later today or over the weekend, but thought I’d give a couple highlights before my flight takes off.

Because I was using a BTT (bonus travel ticket) and airline miles for this trip my choice of “when to go” was very limited.  Seeing as how the actual mission trip to Kauai takes place July 24 to August 2, I thought I’d say “no” to Alaska Airlines first offer of mid-August for the scout trip!  They did tell me, “you can go in August… or on Monday.”  This was last Wednesday I believe (just 9 days ago).  So, with that, I talked to my very supportive wife then shot an email to my contact in Hawaii and said, I’m coming Monday!  He said, “sure, come, we’ll put you up, give you ground transportation and take care of some of your meals!”  So, off I went.

I’ll talk the ministry specifics and the contacts I made in my later post.  But, here is what Jimmy hooked me up with to drive!


They Call It "The Bible Bus"

They Call It "The Bible Bus" complete with a taxi top, which says, "Bible Bus"

I received a few funny looks when I pulled this baby into the LDS church lot.  For some reason they tried to add on to it?  Hmmm.  Sorry, cheap (but funny shot, I think).  Okay, no Mormon lot, but did get some great looks and started a few conversations because of this ride.

The condo, yes, a condo, they put me up in was very nice (thank you Pychas).  And Jimmy (my contact) and Angela (our family friend) both gifted me with groceries as well.  I think when all is said and done, I will have spent about $50 on this trip (I am filling up the gas on the way out, gas out here is still about $2.50).  

More on Hawaii to come (the true Ministry Post).




4 thoughts on “Aloha! Scout #1 A Success!

  1. that is one sweet ride. i’d seriously consider bringing our kids to Hawaii (and “suffering for Jesus”) if you let me drive them around in that.

  2. I am so stoked for you. You must be tired after the quick trip. Looking forward to hearing about what God is doing over there.

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