My Wife, the Saint.

Returned home from the Aloha state Friday morning after a few days of scouting (previous post and another to come).  I had a couple morning appointments immediately after flying all night (yep, 30 minutes of sleep is GREAT).  I returned home at about 12:30 in the afternoon and was able to hang out with the family for about 3o minutes before needing to crash for a nap.

Typically after a trip I prioritize a time for Elisabeth to get away and have some extended time off (though, “extended” doesn’t mean much right now considering Will’s feeding schedule).  So, taking the nap pretty much wiped out the Friday possibility of Elisabeth getting away.  She was fine with that and we decided that Saturday morning would work just fine… we thought.

We went out as a family to a new Mexican Restaurant last night.  It was great to be back with my family.  The decor was great at this place.  The food was pretty good, but a little overpriced (I don’t like when places charge for refills either).  And I ate too much.

The drive home seemed to take a long time, the kids were hyper and I still wasn’t rested after the night of flying and the nap.  So, upon getting the girls to bed I decided I’d crash as well.

My wife has officially received Saint Status because not only did the restaurant give me a full stomach, it gave me food poisoning as well.  I was up by 3:30 in the morning.  Not to get overly graphic, but each of the last 3-4 times I can remember throwing-up it was caused by bad mexican food.   Today has been a total waste.  I have been in-and-out of naps while also in and out of the bathroom. This has left Saint Elisabeth one little break (right now) to get away–to the grocery store to get me gatorade and saltines.

My wife is the best.  Pray that tomorrow gives her the break that is so overdue!  



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