Parents of Teens: What Not To Do, Lesson #1 (and #2)

I was talking to a friend this morning when he says, “Oh, I had a funny ‘parent’ moment last night.”  I moved to the edge of my seat, because I could tell it was going to be  a good one.  Here’s his story:

“I’m in the middle of wrapping up youth group, when I had a parent come in just before I’m going to close in prayer.  She  walks in and totally interrupts by saying to her son,  “Scott, did you tell everyone what the words dude and dork really mean?”

So at this point, I start laughing as he tells me the story.  Then, he calms me down and says,

“It didn’t end there, we did a thing where we wrote prayer requests on big paper and stuck them on the wall.  I encouraged people to take them home to spend time with God and pray.  So, this same mother says, “No Scott can’t take it home, it takes up too much space”

Parent Lesson #1:  Do your best to not shame your kid in front of the Jr. High Youth Group.                                     -AND- Keep the original meanings of Dork and Dude to yourself.



One thought on “Parents of Teens: What Not To Do, Lesson #1 (and #2)

  1. Too funny, and I am hoping you are just kidding, but I’m thinking you are not.
    Scary, and I am a parent so that makes
    it even scarier! Kids often embarass
    their parents also, but we don’t need
    to even go there. 🙂

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