Hot Tub Club, Reunion

If you haven’t read the NTOY Surprise post, start there (last one)…

The previous night (Tuesday) the Heils and Aabys had gone to the Spaghetti Factory together.  During the meal Jeff and I decided that on Wednesday night we’d go to my parents and sit in the hot tub.  

So, on Wednesday morning when Mike and I had our Tully’s run-in we decided it would be classic to surprise Jeff that night at the hot tub!  For those not in the know, my entire  Junior and Senior Year I was part of a Friday Morning “Hot Tub Club.”  The original members were Mike and me.  Several weeks into our “Club” we invited the third (and only other) member, Jeff.  

More on the Tub Club: Each Friday we would dine together (though the first year it was just donuts) then our Senior year we would rotate making a large “grub” breakfast.  The festivities began at 6:00 AM and lasted until 7:20ish (though by the end of our senior year we were pushing it later and later, arriving a little late to school even).  It is quite the memory, I loved these guys!

Back to last week.  Mike arrived a few minutes before Jeff, he changed and quickly got in the tub.  When Jeff arrived we both got ready, had a few words with my parents and then proceeded down the dark steps to the tub.  I got in first (Mike was laying low in the dark shadow, even though I knew he was in there I had a hard time seeing him).  Then Jeff got in… with a simple “hey Jay” (we often call Jeff, “Jay”) Mike revealed himself.  Great reaction from Jeff and then some giddy laughter from three grown men.

The next two and half hours was pure fun.  Memories.  Story-telling, catching up and more laughter. It had been years since we had all three sat together in the tub.  It had been years since we had related in this way, the three of us.  The years have ebbed and flowed.  Our friendships have done the same.  I have remained close to Jeff, but for some reason Mike and I have faded a bit through the years.  I miss what was, but understand that things sometimes change.  For this one night it all felt the same.  I still love these guys!


Tub Club 2009

Tub Club 2009

I look forward to the next chapter, the next Tub Club and am proud of my two best buds from high school!




One thought on “Hot Tub Club, Reunion

  1. Best friends, there is just something special about them, that’s why they are called the best I guess. My best friend from Highscool passed away a few years back. The last time
    we ran into each other she literally burst into
    tears because she felt God had sent me to her
    path when she really needed some encouragement.
    I will always remember my special best friend

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