NTOY Surprise

Each week I am a part of a local Youth Pastor network.  The guys I have been teaming with for the last five years reside (or at least serve) in the greater Burien area.  This last week ( a week ago tomorrow), I had two minor “brushes with fame.”  Both of these guys would be upset for saying they were famous, but I will, because they sort of are.

images2The second came as I was about to leave.  I walked over to the corner booth of the coffee shop and introduced myself to Mark Driscoll (“One of the Pastors at Mars Hill Church of Ballard”).  Nice guy.  We joked about a few things and he came over and introduced himself to  the rest of the network.

The first “brush” came about an hour earlier when all the network was teasing Schlaud about his wedding and all the details. I received a call from an out of state area code.  The man on the other end of the call said something to the effect of, “tell them such-n-such story!”  I was obviouslyimages-12confused.  First, how did this guy know I was talking about weddings?  I thought maybe my pocket had accidentally sent a call and now my “friend” was calling back and letting me know he could hear everything.  After a few more awkward exchanges (with me racking my brain trying to figure out who I was speaking to) he said, “look around the cafe!”  

Mike Geisen, one of my two best friends growing up was across the room.  Mike is the National Teacher of the Year (he was up in Seattle for a speaking engagement).  This year has been crazy for him, you can read about his endeavors here.  

We chatted for about 15 minutes and then I made my way back to the other guys.  But before we were done speaking we set up a late night appointment.  A surprise for our other best bud, Jeff.  More tomorrow…



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