A Smattering Of Fun/Work

What day is it?  

For some reason the days leading in and following Christmas always seem to throw my internal calendar into a thick haze.  I think it is that Christmas and New Years feel like a weekend day no-matter-what.  Then throw in an actual weekend and then you’re really messed up.  On top of that, as a Youth Pastor, we would throw in the occasional all day event or overnighter and I’d be thrown off even more.  

This year, though not a Youth Pastor, was no different.  In many ways I felt like I got a lot done for Youthmark (especially in the last days before Christmas), but in other ways I feel like I now need to hit it hard because of the lack of productivity lately.  

It was a great Holiday Season, really a smattering (in a good way) of family, friends, work and ministry.  Though each felt a little short changed and rushed, as I look back, the amount of time with each was a created a nicely put together puzzle.

A few of the highlights:

Ministry: Able to share at Calvary Chapel South on a Sunday morning, speak at Highlands Community Church Winter Camp and then, today, speak at a parent meeting back at Calvary Chapel South.  Oh, and I had a great Reunion with my old Lifeboat guys as well!

Family: Too many, bound to miss some, but having E’s folks in town is always nice; the Aaby extended family Christmas went really well; our immediate family loved doing Advent Sundays together and of course Christmas morning is the highlight of the time with them.

Work: Though ministry and work can sometimes be confused, I will say completing the Youthmark Mission Venture Leaders Guide was a huge highlight, especially getting them out on time, before Christmas!

Friends: Of course taking 4th place last night at the hearts tourney was pretty sweet, but it was equally as cool hanging out with the friends there.  On top of that we were able to spend time with many out-of-town folk who were back home for the Holidays.  I learned Farkle (or Farkel depending on who you ask).

Though there are more highlights, I need to leave for church, busy/fun day ahead, continuing the smattering for the next couple days as I have set aside times for friends, work, games, ministry and family!




2 thoughts on “A Smattering Of Fun/Work

  1. I have no clue what day it is!?
    And I’m pretty sure the snow outside right now is just a figment of my imagination.

  2. Funny that I have been connected to Calvary Chapel South, Highlands Community Church and the Firs Chalet at Mt. Baker! Small, small world! When are you coming to Dallas?

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