imagesSince blog is a made up word, I figured I could make up my own word as well (for the computer illiterate, “blog” is a combo of web and log).  So, “Calance” is my attempt at finding Calender Balance over the next few months.


On the agenda:

  • A few speaking opportunities, local and out of state
  • continued consulting (which may mean another few trips)
  • planning, writing and all the details/teaching for the 2009 Spring Retreats
  • Several scouting trips for the 2009 summer missions
  • Writing for several projects, including the 2010 Mission Prep Workbook (the follow-up to move)
  • Scouting and Meetings for the 2010 mission season
  • and a few other “not yet on the radar” things.

images-11It may not seem like a lot, but I am trying to figure out the right (and write) “windows of time” to get each of these done.  The scout trips will take 2-3 days each and are ideal to do mid-week when Pastors in the receiving towns are available.  Balance that with a few weekend speaking gigs, and then you try to make time to do the other things w/o interfering too much with family and you then come up with the term “Calance.”

Pray for my calendar balance, I seek to honor the Lord, my family and my work.  I am thankful for the time God has designed for me and gives to me to steward!



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