The Highlights

A long, but good day.  Here are the high points (praises) of my Wednesday (and in order).

1. Got to cuddle with Will for quite some time tonight.  Got special time with Halle taking and picking her up from Pioneer Girls and got to play with Audrey while Halle was gone (and Elisabeth & Will were out with E’s sis tonight).

2. Got to eat dinner (made on our brand new stove) with the family for the second night in a row!!! (Plus my wife made her awesome meatloaf).

3. Had a fantastic network meeting with the Burien/Normandy Park YP’s and presented YMV’s to three other Youth Pastors (individually) in Kirkland, Bothell and Woodinville.

4. Had coffee or tea from 3 different companies at 4 different locations (Tully’s, Starbucks, Starbucks and Peet’s).

Now, it is time to go to bed (no worries, the caffeine consumption ended by 5:00 PM).  If you’re reading this in the morning, please pray for the Kent/Renton Youth Leader breakfast!  Hoping to get a network started and to be able to share about the Mission Ventures!



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