Picture and Personality


Many of you have not had the privilege of meeting my son, Will, yet.  For those of you who have, you can cheat and participate as well if you’d like!

They say a picture says 1000 words… well, I don’t want 1000, but a couple will be fine. When I uploaded this picture to my macbook I had to chuckle, I think this picture, for some reason, shows Will’s personality so much.  

So, based on this pic, and as an experiment to see if a picture does speak volumes, what are the words that come to mind to describe Will’s personality traits?  Keep in mind, I have the power to delete any answer I don’t like, so don’t take any shots at me/us!  Ha.What do you think this picture says about his personality?



5 thoughts on “Picture and Personality

  1. What Will is thinking:

    1) i love the person who is taking the picture.

    2) i’m pretty chilled out.

    3) i really enjoy my life

    4) I’m a big boy!

  2. I think this picture says that Will will be a ladies man!


    He is super adorable!

    Congratulations on only having cute kids! Lucky ducks! 🙂

  3. I love the fact that his finger is pointing at the camera. Clearly saying one of two things: “Dad/Mom (not sure who took it), put that camera down and let me talk to you,” or in a true Aaby fashion, “that Starbucks sure looks good.”

  4. He’s saying, “Happy Birthday Miki!”

    For the record 50 years old, Oct. 8th – sometimes it’s just gotta be
    all about me!

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