Breakfast Report

Thanks to all who were praying for the launch of the Kent/Renton Youth Leader network.  We met this morning at the RiverRock Restaurant (at the Maplewood Golf Course).  I had 6 churches represented and 11 in attendance… we had a great time of fellowship and good food.  The plan is to compile the information each submitted (times that work for them to meet consistently, etc.) and then start a monthly gathering!  Very cool to hear/see the hearts of those in attendance!

After the Kent/Renton Breakfast I commuted down to Olympia to meet with an existing network of North Thurston youth leaders!  What a great bunch of people (about 30 in attendance at that!).

Pretty cool to see the Body of Christ working together!  Be encouraged!




One thought on “Breakfast Report

  1. The Body of Christ working together. It is encouraging! Go God! Maybe prayer is sort of like cheerleading in a way. But with no question which team wins, ours does!
    Thanks for the update.

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