CONTEST: Want to Join My Club?


Megan and Nathan

Megan and Nathan

Last week the Aabys joined the Schlauds (okay, Nathan and Megan aren’t married yet, but it’s fun to tease).  We revisited the place I took Nathan the day he arrived from Michigan to begin his year of serving with me.  He was the Apprentice (insert Donald Trump joke here).

Okay, back to dinner, the seven of us went to Stanford’s Restaurant down by Southcenter. We had a wonderful time with Nathan and Megan catching up and talking about their wedding; in fact, our girls are going to be in their wedding. But, we received some TERRIBLE news while at Stanfords. Stanfords has basically become a brand new place.  They have the same seats and the same employees, but they were bought out and have a brand-new menu!  Which means, my favorite, The Classic Club, is no longer on the menu.  The new menu is great.  We loved our food, but it is a whole new place.  But I was SOOOO looking forward to my club!  

I'm looking for this!

All this to say… Help me find the best Classic Club!  Have any suggestions?  This is my new contest.  If you point me to the best club in the greater Seattle area, and I deem it “a great club” then I’ll treat you to one.  Deal?  Let the suggestions begin! 

Gotta run, for some reason I’m hungry now!



4 thoughts on “CONTEST: Want to Join My Club?

  1. Sorry, no clue so I guess I can’t join your club. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t still talk does it? By the way, who won your last contest? One more quick comment. I think I was cleaning a very messy house while all your fun was taking place with Schauld, wasn’t I? Had lots of help and the project was actually a blast! God uses all gifts I suppose, I don’t think being a loser is all bad. I enjoy the behind the scenes stuff. Guess I’m done talking, (for now) since I have no hope of joining this club.

  2. Bj’s down by southcenter has an awesome club. Get it with the fries and some ranch on the side…mmmmm boy.

  3. I choose End-O-Line Joes (near Fauntleroy ferry terminal in West Seatle), that might be misspelled, but even so, this is the deal – if they don’t truly have a club you need to modify the BLT by adding turkey – don’t really know if you can, but I think this place has really great food and it would be worth comparing the BLT just because their ingredients are the best.

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