Feeling Old

Saturday was a day of discovery.  The problem, my discovery: I’m getting old.  My knees (and really my legs in general) are really achy.  The bones, muscles and joints are all talking back to me right now.  

What did you do, run  a 10k, climb Mt. Si or go mountain biking?

Hey Brian, did you do an all day workout at 24 Hour fitness?

These would be appropriate assumptions/questions.  But no; I installed a gas line under our house.  My friend David came over… he was the “gas guy” and I was simply his helper.  But spending 9 hours on one’s hands and knees in a crawl space, installing pipe and finding an angle to tighten the joints of said pipe apparently wreaks havoc on one’s body.

The good news: We will have our new stove/range installed on Tuesday (we are switching to a dual fuel, thus the need for the gas to be routed to the kitchen).  And, on top of that, we are now ready for a gas insert (if we ever desire to do that) in our fireplace AND we’re ready to switch off propane and use natural gas for grilling in the summer (ahhh, no more trips to refill the propane tank mid-grilling!).  So really, it was three projects in one!

So, yes, it is worth the stiff muscles and swollen knees; bu not sure it was worth the discovery that I’m getting old.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Old

  1. I always like to say it’s all in your perspective. Feeling old, getting old,
    and being old, that is. You might be
    getting older, but from my perspective you are still young. See, it’s all in your perspective. From my perspective you’ve got no worries, yet! And as far as I’m concerned you will always be young or at least younger. See how it works. And the 90 year old women I hugged and wished a Happy Birthday to today. Now even from my perspective she’s getting old. Perspective, such a wonderful thing.

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