At my house with my family for several hours today!  YES!  Here is the yo-yo I took my 4Runner on this week.

South to Canby, Oregon (Mentor experience)–Sunday to Tuesday

North to home–Tuesday

South to Auburn (Individual YP), West to Normandy Park (YP Network), North to Burien (Lunch with YP Network), East to Fairwood (Individual YP)– Wednesday

South to Lacey (to pick up Brad Hostak), farther South to Vancouver WA (hmm, felt like I was just there two days prior?) and then North to home–Thursday

North to Everett (Individual Youth Worker) and Further North in Everett (Individual YP), South to home–Friday

North to Snohomish (Individual YP) and Northwest to Marysville (Free Methodist Network of YP’s) and South to home.–Saturday

A premarital counseling appointment later tonight will take me a full 3 miles away from my house, making it, by far, my closest appointment!  My 4Runner thanks David and Natalie for keeping it close!

Don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but gas is expensive!



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