New Toys

I remember waking up the day after I received my new bike!  The excitement, knowing I was going to be able to ride (all day).  When I was 16 my family purchased a hot tub; that first week, even month, I was so excited to soak.  At 19 I bought my first vehicle, a B2200 Mazda pick-up (aka “BJ”).  There was something about jumping into it, knowing it was mine.  I could go on, our first house, a newer car, having kids (yes, I know they aren’t toys, but sometimes I still act like it!).

Yesterday, my lovely wife, went to the giant garage sale at Audrey’s school and purchased a “Bouce-A-Roo” for William.  I was invited back to the days-gone-by of my childhood when I received a new play-thing.  The excitement and anticipation!  Will loves it, even as I type, he is bouncing and giggling.  The girls are getting quite a kick out watching him as well.

Will turns five months old tomorrow, what a blessing he has been to this family.  He brings us much joy and is very loved by the four other members of the family… okay, back to watching him bounce in his new toy!


How Fun!

How Fun!



We love our brother!

We love our brother!


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