One of those weeks…

A lot has happened this week; but this might just take the cake as THE HIGHLIGHT!

One of those Daddy moments you just can’t get enough of!



5 thoughts on “One of those weeks…

  1. Love the picture. What a great example to will about the best way to watch an M’s game this year.

    I think you should make ‘the highlight’ a regular feature of the blog. 1x per week you post whatever ‘the highlight’ of the week is. Like…beating me in fantasy basketball. Oh, wait…that never happens 🙂

  2. Wow, Wes . . . smack talking on my husband’s blog. Must be a boring day in Bakersfield. Oh, wait . . . that’s every day in Bakersfield, isn’t it? :)~

  3. Enjoy it while you can. Looks to me like you are resting. Will looks to me to be awake. It won’t be long and that would spell DANGER! Kids are so much fun, and
    it brings back lots of memories. The night I brought Josh home from the hospital, I
    dropped him for example. Yeah, I know… Had just had a c-section, no insurance so let out of the hospital like in a day. All was well, James and Justin were at grandma’s, dad was sleeping for work the next morning. Josh and I slept on the couch. Well, I guess I was sleeping soundly cause, he rolled gently onto the floor. He slept through it all. Just like he slept through his first ever dental appointment. I told him he was going to his daddy’s friend’s office, but it even shocked the dentist. He came out and scared me to death when he said, “Jan, you got to come and see this.” I thought the worst, (of course), I went back to him sound asleep in the dental chair. Fun

  4. My wife rocks. No need to smack talk back at Wes; Elisabeth already handled it for me. Great line about the M’s though Wes!

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