Things That Are Tough About My Job

After three straight posts about the things I’ve been loving about my new career path, I experienced a day in which I made some discoveries of the other side.  So, here’s a quick hit, as to not throw myself into depression (no worries, I’m being somewhat overdramatic on that one) about the tough stuff:

  • Though my job is full of meeting with people, I spend most of my time getting to know the other, rather than being known.  This stands in stark contrast to being on staff at a church where, though you remain busy, you give and take in relationships.  Have a “staff,” “volunteer staff” and “youth group” meant I was knowing and being known.  
  • Because I have spent so much time getting to know youth pastors and networks of youth pastors, I have been on the road (by day) a lot.  Take today for instance… South to Auburn, northwest to Normandy Park, North to Burien, and east to Renton.  Great meetings with individuals and with my network, but in order to do any of my other work (yes, I do have other stuff to do besides just meet with people; like emailing and calling to set up, yes, more meetings!).  So, I find myself doing blog posts, emailing and advance work on other stuff either early in the morning or late at night (after the kids are in bed).  Which generally leads to sleep deprivation (didn’t help that while in Canby I stayed up way to late).
  • I desire to be around the house more than I have been able to as of late. I have loved the flexibility I had as a pastor when it came to “hours.”  Because there were days I would be out until 10:00 PM, I wouldn’t start work until Noon (which afforded me some mornings at home with the fam and Elisabeth a regular half-day “off”).  Well, this has NOT been the case thus far for me/us.  I really miss driving Audrey to her preschool and spending a few minutes watching Halle in her homeschool setting.  And before you “normal” workers (those who work 8-5) start screaming, I want you to hear me, I’m not whining about my job or my hours, I’m simply stating the change I am noticing and how I miss what has been.
  • For those who know I like coffee shops (for the atmosphere, the coffee and/or tea), I have found myself missing the atmosphere a lot.  I am still at coffee shops all the time, but right now, I am there to meet; not to chill out, work and witness.  Now I am there to meet! I long for a two hour stretch at a coffee shop to just surf the net, send some emails and plug in my ear buds!
Okay, wipe the tears away; I’m done with my ONE post about things that are tough.  For encouragement sake, go back and read my last three posts about what I love!  I am thankful for my job, I know others have it way tougher than me!!! Today was a great day, a day in which a lot got done relationally and teams signed up for YMV’s; but even with that, I think it is okay to grieve the past a bit!… Isn’t it?  

2 thoughts on “Things That Are Tough About My Job

  1. YES!
    In my opinion…
    It’s more than okay.
    As long as we don’t get stuck there.
    (looking back, that is)
    And God bless those days double when you do get to take more time like taking Audrey to her school.
    Again, thanks for sharing your heart.
    I know a little better how to pray when you do.

  2. I hear ya Brian! I love my job at the church, but mourn the loss of my ‘teacher schedule’. It’s a trade off in many ways, but the “what I love” wins out! Glad God is using you and teaching you through it all. Blessing to you and the fam!

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