The Blessings of My Job (Part 3)

My last couple posts have looked at two (of the three) recent blessings of my job!  Today is the final one in this brief series…

One of the blessings of my job: “Gleaning”

In networking and speaking I have had the opportunity to be used in the lives of others… doing training and speaking into the life of another person; however, the flip is true as well… Others have been used to train me, speak to me and given me the ability to glean.

Whether it has been at the JFYM Forum, down in Canby for the Mentoring Conference or the Highlands Community training; I have had the opportunity to sit under some great teaching.  In addition I have had opportunities to sit with people I greatly respect and have them speak into my life.  I have also just been around great people and listened in on conversations and gleaned some great insights.  In some ways I feel like I have been a grand Buffet and gotten to pick and choose the scrumptious morsels to place on my plate… it’s been great!

Reading, listening, relating and observing… these have been the key areas of gleaning as of late.  It’s really a great cycle; glean, implement and live it out so that others can glean, implement and live it out!  This isn’t always easy; some things don’t always settle well.  We struggle to digest.  The things I am learning are high in nutrition and value, God will use these things to bless my spiritual health!

I am blessed in my job, I’m praising God for the opportunities He is affording me right now.  Pray for me, I desire to be a good steward of the things He has given me!




One thought on “The Blessings of My Job (Part 3)

  1. Can’t talk right now, I’m digesting… I like the glean, implement, live it out! It’s interesting to me that living it out comes first after it comes last at first.
    Hope that made sense. Got to go and glean, cause I am reading a really excellent book right now. “How People Grow”, by Cloud and Townsend. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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