The Blessings of My Job (Part Two)

This week I’m posting about some of the blessings I am experiencing because of my new venture!  Yesterday I posted about speaking, as for today… 

One of the blessings has been, “Networking.”

Most of July and August were spent putting together the Youthmark Mission Venture prospectus.  This meant I spent many-an-hour at Starbucks writing copy for the different pages and talking through design concepts, etc.  Well, the job completely changed after Labor Day.  For the last three weeks the thing I have done the most is meet with people and networks of people!

Though I have enjoyed the network times (for example, I drove to Mill Creek and met with 12-15 youth leaders from the various churches and para-churches in that area), but the one-on-one times with area youth leaders has been the thing I love LOVED the most!  Sitting one-one-one or one-on-two with people from local congregations has been such a blessing.  To hear real stories of successes, failures, brokenness, humility and humor has been life-giving.  Sometimes it is just so nice to have a refuge and be a refuge.  I pray that this “ministry” for youthmark can be a gift to these youth workers!

Through networking I am often able to share about the Youthmark Mission Ventures as well.  Because I believe so much in the ministry strategy it is not something I really need to sell.  In fact, none of my one-on-one appointments with youth workers has had the implied intent of selling a YMV.  Though I am very excited about the resource I know it isn’t for every group; but it’s been neat to see how the people I am sitting with can see how much it can help their group.  Pray that the Youthmark has the opportunity to serve 36 different teams this next summer!

For those I have been able to network with thus far, thank you!  I can’t wait to see more healthy networks exist in the Pacific Northwest!  We are truly stronger together!  



One thought on “The Blessings of My Job (Part Two)

  1. The Body of Christ working together, stronger?
    What a concept, think we may have heard that one before somewhere.

    The B I B L E that’s the book for me/us!
    God bless this new endeavor.

    The body working together makes the enemy cringe!

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