Looking Forward… Audrey


One of my favorite shots with Audrey!

One of my favorite shots with Audrey!

Several weeks ago I started a blog series entitled, “Looking Forward.”  This series will be a semi-regular post.  Today, I am posting about my youngest daughter, and middle child, Audrey!

In the next…

hour I look forward to arriving at home to most likely see her looking out the front window and waving at me.  We are going on a daddy-daughter date tonight, just the two of us.  I think we’ll grab a bite-to-eat and hit a park (as long as it isn’t raining).  I love this special time with my kids, and when I told her today we were doing a date tonight, she quickly ran out of the room to talk to Halle.  She proclaimed, “I’m going on a daddy daughter date tonight… and you can’t come.”  So… glad to see she’s excited, but we’ll have to work on the tact side! (side note:  Halle has something special planned with Mommy tonight).

day I am excited for the date tonight and some time at home with Audrey (and the family) over the weekend.

week I can’t wait for Audrey to start her second year of PreSchool.  She excelled in her three year old class last year and can’t wait to see her interact, play and make new discoveries this year in “F0-Yee-Old Pre-schoo.”

month I can’t wait to hear her amazing stories from her PK class.  She talks openly about what she did that day and who she played with.  I am also excited to see how she transitions into an eventual “home church” (which could take place this month).  She was the more courageous one last week as we visited a church.  Halle sat with us during church (which was fun, she did great) but Audrey went ahead and attended the class for her age!

year I am excited to see her develop in so many ways.  The four year old year is such a year of growth.  She’s taken a big interest in books recently.  She is very physical and loves to climb.  I can’t wait to see her develop friendships with some kids in her class.  In the past she has played with anyone around her very well, but I would anticipate that this year she’ll develop an interest in friendship too, not just a play friend (it’s funny but I see her doing this in the way she treats her dolls, she seems to give them more character now and they are less of a “toy.”  It’s fun!). 

Father, thank you for our Triple-A.  Audrey is so fun, so sweet and a blessing to our family.  Thanks for her spiritual interest (talking a lot about heaven right now).  Would you guide and direct her steps.  May she come to know you and bless you with her very being!  Amen!


One thought on “Looking Forward… Audrey

  1. Very sweet and cute! Audrey that is! And by the way. We have kids moving up to different classes and some kids moving totally on to kindergarten at the day care I work at. It’s great fun. I have been there inpaticular for almost a year now. I have been working with kids for many years.
    No two are the same and all are unique special and God’s gift to us. Always blesses my heart to see and hear of parenting being done well. Blessings to you and Elisabeth as you continue to follow Him in raising your kids.

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