It’s one of those weekends!  One I can really say, “ahhhh.”

First, last nights daddy-daughter date with Audrey was a blast.  I let her make the choice of restaurant.  Giving her several options she wanted,  “to go to one that has high tables and high seats.”  So she chose Quiznos (she almost went Round Table).  Keep in mind, Red Robin, Applebees, Stanfords, etc. were all on the table, but these places didn’t have high tables and chairs!  We ate and then went to “the spinny park.”  This park (Petrovitsky) has some high-tech equipment (most of which spins, thus the Audrey given-name).  Fun times with Audrey, great conversations, good time at the park and okay food!

Today is a hodge-podge day, doing a little of this, a little of that and a little resting in between. Have several things that NEED(ed) to get done by the end of the month (emissions, license tabs, PO Box renewal); a few things that could get done (work out, weeding, bank deposits) and a few things that won’t get done (garage organization, study for next weeks talk), but I’m okay with not getting it all done, that’s why it is an Ahhhh day… I want the relaxation to be mixed with the task direction.

The other Ahhhh-factor is the return of Football!  Today, college football is providing the nicest break between the small tasks! Some down time on the couch with Will goes a long way to making a daddy feel pretty relaxed.  We’ll see if that carries through the night– I don’t think the Dawgs will win, but man, wouldnt’ that be cool?

So, here’s to the Ahhh! 



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