Youthmark Prayer Requests



I am trusting most of my readership is the praying type.  I would truly appreciate your ongoing prayer support.  From time to time I hope I can remember to write out some specifics for you to be praying.  So here goes!

1. Praise God for the Youthmark Fellowship Gathering on Monday night!

2. Pray for the mission brochure to be done in a timely manner so I may begin getting teams/youth groups signed up in the fall of 2008.  Pray in advance for those youth groups/leaders too!

3. Pray for two meetings I have coming up in regard to 360ºParenting.

4. Pray for God to open doors and hearts of pastors/boards I will meet with to be receiving towns for the mission project.

5. Pray for our writing.  May everything we write about be founded in His Word, guided by His Spirit and bring honor to His name!

Thanks so much for your prayers/praises!  



One thought on “Youthmark Prayer Requests

  1. “Sorrow looks back,
    Worry looks around,
    Faith looks up!”

    Yes I’m learning to look up.
    And yes, I’m praying!!!

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