M’s Stink, but Safeco Field Ranks High

I am coming up on about seven weeks since my baseball trip back east with my Dad and brother.  While on the trip I was able to take in several new major league baseball stadiums.  I wrote that at some point I would rank my favorite stadiums, well, here it is!  If you have been to more than three major league stadiums I welcome your rankings as well… if you have nothing to compare then it probably isn’t worth commenting (what’s this, I’m asking people to not comment?  huh? ha).  So, here are my stadiums, followed by my top five.

Major League Baseball Stadiums I have been to (in order first time of visit as well):

My first game, Kingdome

My first game, Kingdome




  1. The Kingdome (Seattle’s old Stadium before Safeco)… Many times
  2. Fulton County Stadium (Atlanta’s old Ballpark before Turner)… one game
  3. Dodger Stadium (LA)… many times
  4. Safeco Field (Seattle)… many, many, many times
  5. Edison Field (Anaheim, Los Angeles Angels)… several times
  6. Chase Field/formerly Bank One Ballpark (Phoenix, Arizona Diamondbacks)… many times
  7. Petco Park (San Diego)… one game each in 2005 and 2006

    Went to Wrigley with my dad last year

    Went to Wrigley with my dad last year

  8. U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox)…one game
  9. Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)… one game
  10. Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers)… once each the last two years
  11. Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles)… one game
  12. Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)… one game
  13. Yankee Stadium (NY)… one game
  14. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)… one game



The Brian Rankings (top 5):

Honorable Mentions and Reason:

Citizens Bank, Phillies: best food faire of all stadiums I have been to.



A great dog; add mustard and onion!

A great dog; add mustard and onion!



5. Dodger Stadium… great site lines throughout, Dodger Dog is best hot dog in the either league and for an older stadium, it still looks pretty good.


4. Wrigley Field… horrible site lines but the awesome history and c’mon, Ivy on the outfield fences make this a “have to.”  2nd best fans in the league.

3. Camden Yards… great location near waterfront, great things to do before game, first of the new “old school” stadiums.

Will's first game at the Safe



2. Safeco Field… I am a homer, but Safeco offers great unique food options, spectacular views and probably one of the best kept fields.  Might be the best family park (fun options for kids… at right, Will’s first game with Daddy).

Fenway Park takes #1

Fenway Park takes #1



1. Fenway Park… honestly, the horrible 15,000 wood seats in prime location almost knocked them to two, but the best fans, best atmosphere around the stadium (totally festive) all the history and the Green Monster make it the number one.  Plus they have the best fans I’ve ever seen/heard.

Okay, again, if you’ve had three or more, rank your top three! I want to keep adding parks, so I hope I can do an annual ranking!



5 thoughts on “M’s Stink, but Safeco Field Ranks High

  1. I can’t comment on several stadiums that you mentioned. I’ve been to Dodger, Angel, and Safeco fields. So much of the experience depends on the seats. I’m usually looking for chap tickets, and Safeco and Dodger stadium have great outfield bleacher options. I’d had to say dodger stadiums might be a little better (they are on the field level, not elevated like safeco’s), but…in the Dodger Stadium bleachers you are isolated from the rest of the stadium, no walking around and no change to sneak into better seats.

    I’ve had seats within the first few rows behind the plate in Dodger and Angel Stadium, never at Safeco. I thought the really close seats were a little better at the Big A then at Dodger.

  2. I’ve mainly been to Safeco and the Kingdome, as well as the majority of the Cactus League parks. The only other ML ballparks I’ve been to are Wrigley Field last year and AT&T park (home of the Giants – just to clarify in case the name of the park changes again in the next 5 minutes) this spring.

    Top 3 would be Safeco (most amenities, great atmosphere, hometown bias), Wrigley (atmosphere/fans/history) and then AT & T (location/atmosphere). The fact that AT&T park is on the water is cool and all, but it felt almost like a minor league park to me, it seemed very small. May have had something to do with that fact that it was an exhibition game, though, who knows.

    I have a bunch of childhood memories from the Kingdome, but that’s all it really has going for it. I like some of the Cactus League parks better than it, particularly Scottsdale Stadium.

    Hopefully I can visit more someday, your trip looked like fun!

  3. I have been to the Kingdome many times, Safeco, Coors Field in COlorado, Oakland’s field, Dodger Stadium, Edison Field in Anaheim and the old San Diego stadium.

    I’d have to say Safeco would be my number 1 followed closely by Coors Field. Loved the atmosphere in Colorado. Number 3 would be Dodger Stadium, loved the Dodger dog but also had a great time watching the Dodger’s boo Barry Bonds in 2001. I am extremely jealous of the baseball trip and would love to see some non west coast stadiums.

  4. Ok… while I have not been to a great number I can rank them. I love me some baseball. I cam considering several things ticket price,a hot dog and beer, seats and it factor.
    8 Minute Maid Park aka. the Juice Box…
    the biggest plus here is the cool air pumped in but u need that in Houston.
    7 Chase Field. A nice place but had no baseball feel. Should switch with Houston when I think about it.
    6 Angels Staduim. any stadium is Socal is nice but it lack something and besides I hate the Angels. I did like the centerfield with the water feature.
    5. Petco/ slash business park… Inside the place is wonderfrul with every thing u can think of but outside looks like a office complex. Its downtown and and on the water, very nice but traffic is a pain
    4. Safco. never been to a game but have been inside and up close. Also I have seen many Ranger games at Safco. The place looked amazing and hope to enjoy a game there soon.
    3.Jacobs Field. now called Progressive but that is garabage. I have never felt so close to the action and I was seating in a bleacher seat. Best seat I have placed my bumm in. The fans were great too.
    2 The Ballpark in Arligton. This place looks like a ballyard inside and out. By far the cheapest place to watch a game too… Dollar hot dogs on Wed cant be beat. The one knock is the poor fans that exist in Dallas. Also at least 4 or 5 homers a game and 100 plus heat in the summer.
    1. Dodger Stadium… U walk up and feel the history and then u taste it in the dodger dogs. The second best seat goes to here with an awesome place and in Socal too. A place every ball fan must visit

  5. i would have to say my list goes like this:

    1) kingdome (my childhood is that stadium, even if it was old)

    2) Chase field. i liked the the feeling of being there. but the cheerleaders were unnecessary.

    3) safeco. Its the most regular to me.

    4) perioa sports sports complex. ITS SPRING TRAINING!

    5) Cheany field. i love minor league baseball so its always fun going to a rainers game and being really close to the acrion

    Shea stadium and yankee stadium are in my sights for the 12 and 13 of September! im stoked.

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