Doubly Blessed

Fortunately, Highlands Community Church had none of the “bloopers” you may have seen in my previous post.  This morning, we visited HCC for the second time (the other time was about a month ago).  We were very blessed by the teaching of Pastor Jim Amandus.  He is doing a short series in August on a few Psalms he feels define the crisis of our times.  Today was the Crisis of Conscience.  He taught on Psalm 51:10-19.  Great Stuff.  One of the points that stood out to me is the difficult ending in the last two verses.  The first 17 verses of Psalm 51 are deeply personal and intimate.  However, the last two verses seem to take on a different nature (speaking more corporately, terms like “Zion,” etc.).  This has been a part that many theologians have had a hard time describing.  I like Pastor Amandus’ take… he thinks the first 17 verses are intimate and personal as David repents from his sin.  He takes the time to make things right with God… then he ends with talking about his public reputation and the public result.  This is the opposite of how most of us go about our life!  When we sin, we (or at least I) am usually concerned about what others will think, not what about the Lord thinks!  This, I believe, is why we see so many pastors/leaders cover up their sin, and we see great crashes and ministry/marital failures.  What if we dealt with our sin the way David did–talk to the Lord, repent and then concentrate on rebuilding your reputation (not rebuild reputation and eventually bring it to God). Great point, one that I want to chew on for some time!  

The message isn’t posted yet, but should be soon, if you’re interested click here.

The second blessing is taking place right now!  I am listening to my good friend Andy Heider.  Andy was my prayer elder while I served at Boulevard Park.  Now I am hoping he’ll become my biggest prayer partner for Youthmark.  Anyway, Andy is one of the greatest “life” teachers one could ever have.  He is humble and his heart overflows Christ.  Andy would never claim to be a preacher, and that’s what I love most about this sermon so far… he isn’t preaching, he is sharing his heart, his passion, his love! Andy lives his life so consistently with the message he teaches.  I will chew on this as I examine my own life!

If you’d like to hear Andy’s message from this morning click here.

Response time (for any interested):  What was the message at your church today?  What are you chewing on as a result?


P.S. Pray for our girls in this “church search” time.  It is a tough thing to go to a different place each week.  Halle attended church with us (I think she was nervous to go into a new class), while Audrey mustered up just enough courage to attend her class… she liked it a lot.


3 thoughts on “Doubly Blessed

  1. After settling down after our wedding Shannon and I have begun our search for a new church as well. We attended Westwood Baptist in Olympia today. We enjoyed it and the congregation was very friendly. We enjoyed the pastor’s teachings today on Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God.
    From what we saw today this church could be a possibility with a few possibilities for small groups. We will be trying a few other churches over the next few weeks before making a final decision. Please be praying that God will lead in the right direction.

  2. I went to a church today that shared from Matthew 15:21-28. The part that struck me was a part that the preacher did not even mention. But in verse 23 it says, “But He (Jesus) did not answer her at all.” Then the disciples respond by telling Jesus to just send her away. Then verse 28 says, “Then Jesus answered her, “Woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish.” And her daughter was healed instantly. Anyways, the sermon was about moral dilemas and “doing what is right in the right way”. I also listened to Andy’s sermon which I felt was very good.
    I like sermons where the person sharing shares their heart. Andy always shares his heart. And yes I love Jesus, but more importantly He loves me! Also just read the book, by Philip Yancey “Church: Why Bother?” It is his personal pilgrimage.
    I had read it before, but it was a good reminder of a lot of different things for me. The end of the book talks about burn out and these three questions are discussed.
    1. Am I more concerned about a person’s pain than the person himself/herself? 2. Do I have a community of people arounds me who value what I do? 3. Am I confusing God with life? All very good food for thought.

  3. Hey Brian, HCC is my ‘home church’. My mom also goes there. I really appreciate Pastor Jim’s teaching. I have not been in the service the last two weeks, as I have been working our Ministry Expo. However, God is teaching me much about trusting fully and completely in Him and reminding me that though it may not be well with my circumstances (though at times it is), it is well with my soul! I appreciate your posts and thoughts and am praying for you, your family and Youthmark!

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