Round Two

As many of you know, we have been checking out different churches the last month and a half.  We are in the middle of our second round now (narrowing the field and returning to churches for our second look).  In the spirit of not really thinking of a post today and in the spirit of of just wanting a good laugh, I hope none of this happens in the church we visit tomorrow (okay, so maybe I do want some of it to happen)!



2 thoughts on “Round Two

  1. Saw a similar YouTube not too long ago where the boy about 8 years old who was being baptised ran and jumped into the baptismal. Sort of surprised the minister. Hope you find a good fit for you and your family. And there is sure to be drama of some sort. Hopefully you won’t be the center of any of it. Godspeed finding a new place of worship to try to fit within.

  2. Those were awesome. The priest and the communion wafer that he dropped down her wedding dress was unreal how awkward that would be.

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