Celebrating Communication


In the spring of 1994, I visited Colorado for the first time in my life.  I spent a couple days hanging out with Scott Stimer (who would later become my brother-in-law!).  I remember how impressed I was with the Stimer family and their communication.  They had a couple car phones (which was sort of rare back then).  It seemed like very hour or two they called each other just to “check in” and to let one another know of any plans any individual may have had.  
It’s nice to be on the same page with others.  I’m celebrating communication in my life right now.  As you see above, it was so nice for my girls to be able to “check in” with Mommy during our camping trip (though we had a ten foot zone in which calls could actually go through).  On top of the ability we have with cell phones (IM, email, texting, etc.), I’m thankful for face to face communication as well.  This weekend, I felt, was a great communication time for us as a couple.  
“Checking in” with one another should not be a difficult task, but for some reason we allow life to get in the way of relationship.  I hope you are checking in with those you love and care for!  This week alone I have three or four “checking in” appointments lined up.  
As we are instructed in Hebrews, “consider how you may spur (inspire, promote, urge) one another on toward love and good deeds.

One thought on “Celebrating Communication

  1. “Checking in” is so important with others Christians. I had a “check in” time with two friends yesterday at Black Angus. We sat for a little over four hours. God is good and it’s good to hear the testimonies from others that this is indeed true! We
    only get together all three of us twice a year. So, it’s always a blessing to hear what God is doing in the lives of other believers. God is good and we need to talk about that together! Even when life gets tough, God is even better!

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