Youthmark and Brandon

Keeping my streak alive of blogging about multiple subjects, I’ll post two non similar topics this time…

Youthmark Fellowship Gathering:  Several months ago a friend/mentor of mine challenged me along the lines of “support.”  Since we are going to do our best at making Youthmark a for-profit organization (versus a support based ministry) my friend suggested we still “raise support.”  His challenge–get a consistent prayer base around you.  So, here is where things stand:  I am a little over a month into Youthmark being my full-time endeavor and I feel I am now at a place where I have some legitimate direction and specific prayer requests for my friends/supporters.  It is nice to have an average readership of 65 or so each day (at least that’s what the wordpress stats indicate).  So, hopefully I can parlay some of this readership into solid prayer-ship.

On Monday, August 18, we will be having our first fellowship/prayer gathering.  At this gathering I will have the opportunity to briefly share where the company is headed and how you can pray.  I hope you will be able to come.  I will talk to hosts, Andy and Terri Heider, over the weekend and will give you the full details by Monday (it will be an evening gathering, just don’t know if we’re doing food or anything yet).  Andy and Terri live just off 518 near the airport, so it is very convenient in terms of driving.

Back to the Lifeboat

Brandon Yorker, aka, the tall one, has been a part of the lifeboat all four years as well.  He calls Calvary Chapel South his home church (like Tim), but has been a small part of the BPPC youth group as too (occasionally doing stuff with Harbor/retreats).  One of the traditions in our Lifeboat was to rotate houses about every 5 weeks.  The Yorker house was the last house of the rotation each year.  Their back yard holds a hot tub, trampoline and a fire pit.  It also was a great battlefield for the annual waterballoon/squirt gun battle.  Brandon takes his faith seriously and is a solid (not to mention tall) kid.  He and his family were a blessing to our lifeboat.  Brandon is, by far, the king of useless knowledge in our group.  You name the movie or potential sequel to a movie and he will tell you the most useless knowledge about it.  Did you know their was a, “Back to the Future” cartoon in the 80’s?  Yeah, neither did I, but how did he? Brandon is working toward his AA at Highline CC and should be done by March.

My Bold Prediction for Brandon: He is not a sports fan at all, however, he has some untapped athletic talent he has yet to discover.  While in college will be recruited to play on the intramural Ultimate Frisbee team.  He will play so well that the entire student body will come out to watch this athletic phenomenon.  Brandon will gain fame, and the fortune will follow soon; you see, the Circus happens to be in town at the same time as his championship Ultimate Game.  The circus master attends and recruits Brandon to join as the Giraffe Frisbee trainer–a new act in which the Giraffes play frisbee catch with each other.  Brandon’s height will bless him big time!  And to think, he was in my lifeboat.

Tim (background) at 6'6" is dwarfed by the much taller Brandon Yorker!

Alex (background) at 6'7" is dwarfed by the much taller Brandon Yorker!

Back to the pool!



2 thoughts on “Youthmark and Brandon

  1. the funny thing is that brandon has done his little movie buff thing like everyday! lol its totally true.

  2. Have been praying and plan to continue to be praying for Youthmark. Will be at the prayer thingy too as far as I can know right now. Speaking of prayer, the funeral for little Sabrina is tomorrow. And my cousin Steve who is the pastor, Sabrina’s uncle will be doing the service. Pray for my cousin Steve please. He hasn’t done many funerals, and this will be a tough one. Eight week olds are not supposed to die. Except for God and His ways are not ours! Funeral is at 1:00.

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