Cleaning and Alex Randall

These guys will make horrible bachelors.  I understand why most of them will be living at home for the couple of years! Ha.  This morning we awoke to about 600 ants on the floor in the kitchen.  The late-night chips, sodas and sandwiches (and the “stuff” that landed on the floor) became the feeding ground for the little insects breakfast.  Of course none of the guys own up to the 3/4 full Mt. Dews, the cheese wrappers on the floor and the jelly explosions… Don’t get me started with their attempt at doing laundry…

Good grief I sound like my parents… ahhhhhh!  

To be honest, I laughed at most of it and I understand we are on vacation.  They did do a great job of cleaning up this morning and the house is looking really good.  Today is a great relaxing “day at home.”  Frankie and Ricky invited their friend Cory over.  Cory went to Highline High (I actually remember meeting him during his Frosh year).  After his freshman year he moved down here.  I have my friends Anthony and Bobby coming over for lunch today as well.  Both are friends from college and I can’t wait to hang out (already had coffee with Anthony on Wednesday). I think we all may go catch a movie this afternoon to beat the heat and then tonight we hit Acts 11-20 after Steak and Chicken Fajitas (can’t wait to grill again).

This morning I’ll blog about my friend Alex Randall.  Alex, as I stated yesterday, was one of the original LB guys.  He was there at Vince’s Pizza and the first 5 weeks of LB was hosted at his house!  Alex has been probably the most hit-n-miss members of the group.  He would be at lifeboat for 3-4 weeks straight and then we wouldn’t see him for a month.  He kept himself busy with Homeschool, work and two sports at Evergreen High School (swimming and Cross Country).  I have enjoyed some great personal moments with Alex and I believe he is a very wise young man.  He has an ability to quickly understand Scripture and explain it.  I think he will be used by God in some sort of teaching capacity in the future, or at least I hope he uses this gift!  He is a gifted guitarist as well and believe he can/should use this gift to bless the body.  

My Bold Prediction for Alex: Alex will end up getting his doctorate in philosophy and religion and teach at some prestigious university.  He will get married a little bit later than some of the other guys, but still end up with six kids (yes, Ricky will have more).


Alex at the game!

Alex at the game!

Back on later…



2 thoughts on “Cleaning and Alex Randall

  1. Trust me, I live in a all male household.
    And we are not on vacation or are we!? I actually went through the church phone book once and started a prayer list of mom’s with all boys. Boy do I hear you! Have fun and it’s hard to believe Alex is out
    of High School. Wow…

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