Flagstaff and Tim

Greetings from Flagstaff, AZ.  We left the house at our planned 5:30 AM departure!  Woo-hoo.  Several of us took a dip in the pool to start the day!  Nothing like 90 degree heat at and a 92 degree pool at 5:05 AM!  We are on our way to the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Slide Rock State Park today.  Busy tourist day.  

Our first “Lifeboat” meeting was great last night.  Awesome sharing from the guys as we did a great review of the first 10 chapters of Acts.  We had to laugh when we thought about the fact that it took us two years to get through those first two chapters; and in less than two hours we got through those first 10 chapter of Acts!

Our Lifeboat meeting last night

Our Lifeboat meeting last night

It is hard to believe that Tim Esser has only been part of our group for year.  It was about eleven months ago that Tim walked through the doors of Galianos (where we always have our first and last LB of the year).  Tim was friends with Brandon and Josh and has quickly gotten close with each of us.  Though he doesn’t speak often, he brings a quiet wisdom and an awesome wit to our group.  I am very thankful for the opportunity we have had to get to know Tim this year.  He attends Highline Community College and is a “regular” at Calvary Chapel South.  I believe Tim will always be a solid contributor in his church.  It is evident to me that he is a very faithful person.

My Bold Prediction for Tim: Tim seems shy; therefore I believe he is going to be the person to shock us the most and get married first (among the boys).  So my (obviously humorous) prediction is that Tim falls in love this year and by this time next year each of the 10 Lifeboat guys will be upfront in their tuxedos witnessing the marriage of Tim and his beautiful bride.  Tim will one day become President as well (of what? I don’t know, just a president).

Tim (left) with Brandon at the game

Tim (left) with Brandon at the game

Not enough time to do a second guy right now, so I’ll get my Iced coffee and call it a post!  Catch ya soon.



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