Ballgame, “Naked” Steve and Ricky

It’s been quite the trip with these guys!  We are having a lot of fun in the dessert.  Don’t let anyone tell you “it’s hot” in AZ.  Because after all, “it’s a dry heat.”  Hmmm… so is an oven.

Each of the guys is currently studying the chapter in Acts they will be presenting tonight.  Each of us was given one of the first 10 chapters to talk about tonight.  I drew chapter one and I’m pretty prepared (though this takes me back to their freshman year, weeks one through about twelve probably.  I look forward to diving back into the Word with them.  These guys have grown a lot and as I have posted, mean a lot to me and I look forward to seeing where God takes them.  Over the next few days I will post about each of them.

Steve Kelly, aka "Naked Steve"

Steve Kelly, aka "Naked Steve"

I remember the weekend I met “Steve.”  He was a friend that Jusin Rose had invited to Boot Camp (our fall camp at Boulevard Park). Steve has asked for a semi-rough ride on a boat-pulled inner tube.  This gutsy sophomore was ready for the ride of his life, and little did he know he was going to give the onlooker a site to behold.  About a minute into the ride Steve was jumping and skimming… so much so that his little waist couldn’t hold on to his swimwear any longer.  On the next turn and slide across the water, a full moon in the middle of the afternoon!  From this point forward, “Naked Steve” was to be his name.  I need to apologize to Tim, Janis and Victoria, they are now known as “Naked’s Family.”

Steve is a great young man.  I have seen him come out of a little shell the last couple years.  We have had the opportunity to have a few deep talks and he has much to offer. The guys all respect Steve.  He was one of a few of the guys who came in from the outside, and you’d never know it seeing how he is accepted by the others. My prayer is that Steve continue to seek God with his heart, that his faith become his own more and more each day.  He plans on attending South Seattle Community College in the fall and is “making progress on getting registered.” 

My Bold Prediction for Steve:  Steve will start a clothing company called “Naked Wear.”  It will be a clothing line for no-hipped people.  He’ll make millions and forever be known as “Naked Steve.”

Creepy Ricky

Creepy Ricky

Ricky Judd came to lifeboat on week two or three.  His parents were in the midst of a divorce and Micah and I were amazed how well he hid his emotion.  Over the next four years I can’t think of a Lifeboat who proclaimed his love for baseball, black lake and lifeboat more!  Ricky is a true baseball fan, so we automatically had something in common there.  He loves the stats and all the detail of the game.  I see he is beginning to love the faith in the same way.  This is quite exciting. I have the honor of meeting with Ricky one-on-one now and we are going through the book of Colossians together (that is when he isn’t at Black Lake Bible Camp).  Ricky is going to most likely attend Highline Community College in the fall.  I see Ricky dabbling in a few different things ministry-wise to see where he can best be used.

My Bold Prediction for Ricky: I think Ricky just might love the game of baseball and black lake bible camp enough to become the play-by-play announcer for the Semi-Pro Olympia O’s baseball team (made up of all ex-Black Lake Bible Camp staff members).  This way he can stay near both of his first-loves.  Ricky will for sure end up having the most kids in the lifeboat as well.


Today at the D-backs Game!

Today at the D-backs Game!

Great game today at Chase Field.  Almost saw a perfect game by the Pirates pitcher.  Hoping for the perfect first night of “Lifeboat” on this trip.  Off to grill the steaks!



One thought on “Ballgame, “Naked” Steve and Ricky

  1. Got a message that he was accepted to SSCC. Way to go!

    Hope you all are having a great time together.

    Thanks for the call Steve!

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