Daddy Daughter(s) Date


I received an Instant Message from Brad Hostak at about 4:30 last night letting me know he had a few extra tickets the the Tacoma Rainiers game.  I quickly called Elisabeth to see if she was interested or if she would be interested in a quiet night at home (with Will) and I would take the girls on a Daddy-Daughter date to the game.  She chose option “B”. When she mentioned it to the girls they got quite excited (and started talking about Cotton Candy and all the other treats present at ballparks!).

When I arrived at home the girls had each packed a small backpack with their supplies (paper, books, crayons, and of course, a first aid kit). We drove to Tacoma, to be honest, I thought it would be a quick outing, maybe three-four innings and then boredom would win and we’d be back by 8:15-8:30 (about the time Audrey and Halle go to bed). This thought was only affirmed when I discovered shortly after leaving, but too-far to turn around, they had forgotten the aforementioned backpacks.  On the way to the game I let the girls know they would each get one treat (the started chanting “Cotton Candy”).  I then received a text from Brad (don’t tell the cops, I read it): “Free Hot Dog, Chips and Drink with your tickets.”  The girls could hardly contain themselves.

mmmm hot dogs and chips!

mmmm hot dogs and chips!


The girls wanted the food pretty quick… the problem, the “group express” (where you get your free food) was already out of hot dogs (and we would have to wait).  So, we went to the main concession, only to find out the conspiring dentists had gotten their wish and broken the Cotton Candy machine!  No Cotton Candy!?!  At this point I thought, “no dogs, no cotton candy… two innings max.” Dip-n-Dots to the rescue.  I believe the girls found their new best friend, this futuristic ice-cream treat did the trick and lasted two innings and bridged the gap to the now available warm semi-meat product (hot dogs)!  Not only did the girls enjoy the food, they actually were paying attention to the game and their special buddy “Rhubarb” (I guess the Mariner’s Moose offspring?).

Rhubarb, the Rainiers Mascott

Rhubarb, the Rainiers Mascott

Three innings turned into four, four turned into six, six turned into the full nine!  The girls didn’t want to leave.  They had a blast (and didn’t even break my bank, we stuck to the “one treat” rule).  I am so thankful for the time I get with my family.  I had a great time with my little girls!  

doesn't get much better than this!

doesn't get much better than this!we moved up for a "better view"

couldn't resist the backward cap pic!

couldn't resist the backward cap pic!

I love my Daddy-Daughter Dates!




One thought on “Daddy Daughter(s) Date

  1. Great times. I had a good day too, taking Josh over to the BC. We took one little wrong turn. Which allowed us to take an extra 20 minutes to get there. However we saw a couple of quail with the tiniest baby quail I have ever seen with them. Too cute!
    And except for that the construction was done by the time we went through the second time we would have sat in that twice. Go figure!? As Josh was grumbling about it, I was laughing so hard he finally lightened up a little bit. Just got back home, and all in all it was a good time. Saw lots of stuff.

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