Non-Addictions and Needed Interruptions

I was reading a couple different blog posts last night, both blogs were dealing with perception; how others must view these particular bloggers.  Got me thinking… I don’t want to be driven by what people think of me, but from time to time I do want to change misperceptions.

Before you think this is going to be a deep and personal post.  It isn’t.  I just want to clear up a common misperception.  People think I am addicted to coffee.  And as I look back over my posts, and if I were an outsider looking at my life, I could see where people must think this!  After all, I am at a coffee shop EVERYDAY.  But here’s the scoop.  It is my office.  Cheap rent (typically $2 for an iced tea, plus free or cheap  refills, or $3-$4 for a latte).   So before you send me to CAFFEINE ANONYMOUS, know this, I probably drink way less coffee than you’d think, I probably get a coffee based drink twice a week and get tea the other two or three times.  

I’m “posted” at a new coffee shop (to me).  The Kona Kai Coffee shop in Kent (on 4th).  Great little place with a Hawaiian theme (and Kona coffee).    Was feeling the need for some change… a needed interruption from my normal Starbucks office places.  I am working on my sermon and some mission stuff.  I just got another needed interruption.  Jeramy Clark (best friend, besides Elisabeth of course) gave me a call and we were able to catch up for the last half hour.  I can remember a time when Jer and I would be able to talk for hours (because our schedules were so much more free).  But now, if we get a half hour every other week we both feel blessed.  So, Jeramy, thanks for that needed interruption of encouragement, laughter and prayer concerns.

If you’re feeling a little in a rut, a little too predictable or stuck in the same place, try something different today.  Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile… perhaps you’ll get that needed interruption or you’ll be the needed interruption for another!




3 thoughts on “Non-Addictions and Needed Interruptions

  1. Hey Brian,

    I am thankful for the camels in my life today! I guess I would have to consider you a camel. And also, I guess I will consider a trip to Lake Chelan to drop a kid off at the BC a “needed interupption”. Praying for you as you prepare for your sermon. And knowing that we are all valuable to Him.

  2. I love Kona Kai! Mychal and Miriam are great — and the fact that they’re actually providing something to DO in Kent also makes me happy. Their e-mail list is worth being on: they’re bringing in tons of groups and really interested in helping non-profits. Plus, they only e-mail once a week, so it’s totally non-annoying and exciting to see.

  3. I love it! We get stuck in ruts so often that doing something different at least every couple weeks is priceless. Thanks for the reminder…and I would be joining you in the coffee shop if it wasn’t such a long commute

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