Looking Forward… Discipleship

A week or two ago I started a new series on this blog (who am I kidding? everything I do right now on this blog is “new”).  I called it, “Looking Forward.”  This series will be a semi-regular post.  Today, I am using my Discipleship Relationships as the subject for this LF (and for fun I added some real and funny links).

In the next…

hour I look forward to finishing the menu/grocery list and some final details for my upcoming trip with my Lifeboat (small group of guys I discipled for the last 4 years at BPPC).  

day I am looking forward to shooting the guys an email reminding them of the money they owe me, the last minute details, the money they owe me, the packing list, and the money they owe me (I have paid for everything upfront, so, yeah, reimbursements are needed… ha).

week I look forward to spending several days with these young men that mean a lot to me.  We are heading to Phoenix, AZ for a “last hoorah.”  Micah Egger and I have been co-leading this group for four years and for the last three we have talked, as a group, about doing something special at the end of their senior year.  The guys wanted guaranteed hot weather for a reasonable price.  So we’re renting a house, van and doing most of our meals at the house (to save money on going out).  Here is the itinerary for our trip:

Tuesday: Fly in, shop, pool time, “Lifeboat” time (we’re going to continue our study time, we finished Acts, but we’re going to do some review and concentrate on a few key things to launch into life).

Wednesday: AZ Diamondbacks game by day, pool time and Lifeboat

Thursday: EARLY wake up (5:00 AM), drive to the Grand Canyon (spend several hours there), then come down a back way to Sedona and Slide Rock.  Dinner out.

Friday: Relax day, pool, area mall, movies, some of our guys will have some friends visit (as will I, I used to pastor in Phoenix). Lifeboat at night.

Saturday: Some site-seeing and then the big thing on the agenda is a big “Last Supper” (Lifeboat) as a group.

Sunday: Church, lunch out and flight home.

Please pray the guys going:  Brian, Micah, Steve, Tim, Brandon, Alex, Ricky, Dylan, Frankie and John D. (and while you’re at it, pray for the few guys that couldn’t make it, we are sad: Nick, Josh, Jesse and John F.)

2008 Guys Lifeboat

2008 Guys Lifeboat


month I am looking forward to renewing my one-on-one discipleship with Ricky Judd and seeing our guys get involved in their ministries at their churches and at their schools.  Several of the guys are staying local and will be involved at BPPC and other local churches.  So I will get to stay in close contact with them.

year I am excited to see where God leads us (my family) in terms of a church.  I am most looking forward to getting involved with a small group of young men to disciple again.  My “C-Group” from First EPC and my “Lifeboat” at BPPC have been the highlights of my 16 year career as a Youth Pastor and I can’t wait to do a small group as a volunteer like all my wonderful lay staff members have done with me for years… these are the true heroes in youth ministry!

Father, I am so thankful for the years of youth ministry you have given me and specifically for the two small groups I have been privileged to lead, with the likes of Peter Beringer (FEPC) and Micah Egger (BPPC).  I pray you will continue to use me in shaping the lives of young men!



2 thoughts on “Looking Forward… Discipleship

  1. Thanks for the years investing in these guys. In talking with some of the guys this week they are excited too. The topic comes up within 10 min tops. Praying you all will have fun, rest, see new sights, take lots of pictures, and most of all continue to love God and others better this week. I will be praying for you all. Also say hi to any of the people you see in Phoenix from the Spokane 2004 mission trip for me.

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