Elisabeth and I had a wonderful day/evening anniversary celebration.  Spent some time at the Mercer Island Starbucks just chatting and doing a little work (she was reading for a meeting she has with a girl she meets with/disciples).  Good relaxing time.  Then we went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for a WONDERFUL dinner.  We had never eaten at one before.

We were blessed with some gifts at our going away party at BPPC and felt so fortunate to have such a treat last night!  The steak was soooo good!

Anyway, we had a “Brush with fame” last night as we sat next to two celebrities.  I will update with hints until somebody wins the free Coffee Card up for grabs.  Name both of the celebrities.

Who am I?

Who am I?


And who am I?

And who am I?

I’ll slowly add more clues:

1. Similar to the last contest

2. TV

3. These two were in Seattle because ESPN was in Anaheim (Los Angeles)


Congrats to Nathan Schlaud.  Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo are the TV commentators for the Boston Red Sox. Because ESPN was doing the game on Sunday these two were “off.”  The funny thing, not only did they not have the game on Sunday, but Saturday FOX was doing the LA/BoSox game too, so they actually had two days off!  We chatted a couple minutes.  Nice guys who felt bad for Seattle fans! 

Nathan, a coffee card is coming your way soon.



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