Normally, 21 is my favorite number.  However, for the day I am going to reverse those two digits and make 12 my favorite.


Because today is our 12th anniversary!  12 years ago today (10:30 AM Mountain Time, 9:30 AM Pacific) Elisabeth Stimer and I became man and wife.  We were married at Shove Chapel (pronounced like “show” but with the v at the end) in Colorado Springs, CO.

My parents are going to take the girls for the afternoon/evening and we’ll take Will on an adventure to Pike Place/downtown, enjoy some coffee time, and a nice dinner out!  The weather looks like a perfect match to that in Colorado 12 years ago (only we had huge thunderstorms in the evening).  

Besides salvation and a relationship with Jesus, Elisabeth is the best gift I could have ever received.  I am thankful for these 12 years and the many more to come!  I love you Elisabeth!

Here is a pic of Shove Chapel!


Shove Chapel, Colorado Springs

Shove Chapel, Colorado Springs


One thought on “Twelve

  1. Happy 12th you two! The Chapel looks pretty cool! Chad and I were married in a tiny church in OR and every year we take our photo in front of it – Do you and Elisabeth have a recent one of the two of you in front of Shove Chapel?

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